There's always that one song on an album that sticks out and hits home. September 11th, 2015, Bring Me The Horizon released their 5th studio album – 'That's the Spirit'. Being my favourite band, I had their release on repeat, I exhausted it, but one song I never tired of.



I feel that music gets taken for granted a lot of the time and it's often only received at surface level. I took a great interest in the concept behind this album. I researched the themes of depression and loneliness, ultimately connecting with what the band were saying. I felt there was an opportunity to explore this album further and rework it into a printed medium, giving the songs a visual output.


In short, I pitched an idea to Sony about producing book packs for selected tracks on the album. This would consist of a small booklet, accompanied by an audio cassette. The content breaks down the lyrics, giving an educational but also artistic perspective on the subject matter – A celebration of a song that true music fans would connect with mentally and physically.

Client – Sony     Date – 2017     Description – Editorial design

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